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hello! hello! hello! welcome to 3rd year which is also called the honeymoon of BDS. People those who dont have a girlfriend need not worry, you guys have a lot of responsibilty along with enjoyment for arts and sports.
But in order to play safe during your 3rd year it is essential to read your textbooks daily to avoid problems from department while being posted there. To complete your quota and to answer all your vivas and to learn in a exam oriented way here are the list of books which is required:

1) Essential of medicine for dental students – Anil K Tripathi
2) Manuel of surgery – S Das
3) Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology – Brad W Nevill
4) Textbook of Radiology – White and Pharoh
5) Textbook of Oral Medicine – Burkits
6) Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery – Balaji
7) Textbook of periodontics – Caranzza
8) Public Health Dentistry – Soben peter
9) Textbook of pediatric dentistry – Soba tendon
10) Textbook of local Anesthesia – Malamed
11) Manipal manuel of surgery – K Rajagopal Shenoy


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