Welcome to medcokart.com, A website exclusively for all students studying at Amrita institute of medical science here are the few simple steps to use this website.

                                                                             STEP 1

If you are a medical or dental student and if you have completed a minimum purchase of Rs 10000/- In our website , You can sell your old books or instruments to us. Just give a call to this phone no.9846634836. You’r consignment will be picked up by our representative

                                                                               STEP 2

An email is required to be sent at medcokart.solutions@gmail.com with your payment details (paytm or direct bank transfer) along with list of consignments of courier and its receipt attached to it.

                                                                                STEP 3

As soon as we receive your consignment there will be a quality check and we will be depositing 35% of the current MRP of the instrument or book in your account.

Note:This website is exclusively for buying and selling of medical,dental,nursing,pharmacy and paramedical course books and instruments from students of Amrita, No other books or instruments other than the mentioned above will be accepted We won’t accept damaged products or products that don’t meet our quality standards  quality standards